Adjustable Spanners

June 28, 2010

Lucas Girder

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There is an odd hole in some girder type adjustables from Lucas the reason becomes obvious from the
1923 patent it has an extra part that can be swung into place to make it usable as a pipe wrench, even the little 3″ has the extra hole

June 23, 2010

Richard Timmins & Sons

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They were early makers of Adjustables and produced a catalogue that has been reprinted (I would like a copy one day)
Page from the catalogue
An example I have which is almost certainly one of theirs is pictured below

Page from the catalogue
Page from the catalogue
This view shows the line that is also on the woodcut in the catalogue
Page from the catalogue

June 13, 2010

Thomas Smith and Sons of Saltley Ltd

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Thomas Smith and Sons of Saltley of Saltley Mill, Birmingham, 8. Telephone: East 0173/4. Telegraphic Address: “Hammers, ‘Phone, Birmingham”. (1937)
1953 Advert
1953 Advert

* 1896/7 Directory: Listed under cycles.

* 1937 British Industries Fair Advert for Snail Brand Tools. Manufacturers of Drop forgings, in Carbon and alloy Steel, and Duralumin, for all purposes. Heat-treatment by modern plant. Spanners, Adjustable Wrenches, Hammers, and Hatchets of all descriptions. (Engineering/Metals/Quarry, Roads and Mining/Transport Section – Stand No. A.621)

For more information see Graces Guide

June 12, 2010

Multi Function Adjustable Spanners

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It has been common to make adjustable spanners that do more than tighten nuts, they range from the simple square on the end of the handle of a Ford adjustable for removing the sump drain plug to the overly complex
and example found in a patent (GB579210A and CA435204A) which has hammer,file,ruler,screwdriver and glass cutter in addition to spanner duties.

June 11, 2010

Taper or Wedge Lock Adjustable Spanners

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This is made in a number of forms

Unknown maker 16 inches long. Found at a builders yard being cleared for sale.

Unknown maker taper lock adjustable
Unknown maker taper lock adjustable
Found on ebay no makers name, made of wrought iron

Unknown maker taper lock adjustable
Unknown maker taper lock adjustable
Unknown maker 23 inches long. Signs of repair, made of wrought iron.

Jukes Coulson Stokes Adjustable spanner
Jukes Coulson, Stokes & Co but it has some parts missing and is 9 inches long

Goddard Taper Lock
Goddard Taper Lock circa 1953-54 production was 600 of various sizes
There are some earlier patents that relate to this design 1909 1922 1949 1951
MEC taper lock adjustable spanner
MEC taper lock adjustable spanner
This is an example made by Macdowall Equipment Company the patentees of the 1951 patent above (found on EBAY)

Unknown make adjustable spanner
Unknown make adjustable spanner
The above example has the spring in a slot between the jaw and handle in the same manner as the MEC spanner and yet I cannot see a makers name but it is very rusted. (found on EBAY), for a possible clue to its origin see

A very closely related patent where the handle is on the outer member restraining the taper

Crescent pattern taper lock
Wooden Handled

June 10, 2010


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Abingdon (King Dick)



Billings & Spencer Co, Hartford Conn.

Black & Decker

Coventry Movement Co

Crescent brand

Day & Son Kimbolton

Domino brand


Gray (Canada)

J Lucas

K.C. Goddard

King Dick (Abingdon)

MacDowell Equipment Co

Mossberg Wrench Co Attleboro, Mass

Saxon (West Germany)


Snail brand see Thomas Smith and Sons of Saltley Ltd, Saltley


Standard Wrench and Tool Co. Providence, RI

Tank brand

Tent brand

Thomas Smith and Sons of Saltley Ltd, Saltley, Birmingham (Snail Brand)

Thos R. Ellin (Footprint Works) Ltd, Footprint Works, Hollis Croft, Sheffield


Wraforge Tools Ltd, Halesowen

Wynn & Timmins

June 9, 2010

Coventry Movement Company

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They made a small adjustable invented by Edwin Bolton, he applied for a patent in 1926 probably started making it soon after as an example has the patent application number on it, 17738/26, rather than the actual Patent 263633 which was granted on Jan 6th 1927

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