Adjustable Spanners

June 3, 2011

Jenkins, quick adjustment spanner

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This is a design where the sliding jaw engages on a rack on the handle, to adjust just push the jaw forward and slide.
Samuel James Jenkins of Alma Cottage, Albert St, Bury got the design patented in 1895
Jenkins adjustable spanner
The spanner has no makers mark but does have signs of being made from wrought iron so indicating its age
Jenkins adjustable spanner patent image
GB189504164A patent pdf

September 29, 2010

S.C.H. & K G.m.b.h.

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Found on EBAY an unusual quick adjust wrench that looked to be a gear head on the ebay auction but on arrival it has a bar link in the head from the end of the handle to the movable jaw

August 4, 2010

Mauser Adjustable Spanner (Engländer, verstellbarer Schraubenschlüssel)

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I got this on Ebay, very little wear but does have some damage to the worm which after a little investigation is a basic design fault, there is a turning moment that rotates the worm out of mesh when the force is applied, this can be demonstrated with just finger force on the moving jaw.

Mauser Adjustable spanner
Mauser adjustable spanner
Mauser adjustable spanner, close up of worm damage

I dont have a date yet for the spanner but I do have an English patent dated 1948 which does not mention Mauser at all but the patent is so similar to the tool that its a copy or… will someone tell me.
Patent 606388 Littleales and Levison

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