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September 29, 2010

S.C.H. & K G.m.b.h.

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Found on EBAY an unusual quick adjust wrench that looked to be a gear head on the ebay auction but on arrival it has a bar link in the head from the end of the handle to the movable jaw


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Found on EBAY a small wooden handled adjustable

Markings not fully readable but seem to be

the & above could well be something else like a logo

August 14, 2010


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Spanner has a UK patent 157284 number on it, granted to Julius Kind and Willy Kreinberger of Bergstasse Mehli, Thuringen, Germany it is not well forged but has a different head outline to the patent

August 6, 2010

Webmore (Birmingham) and Company Ltd

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Webmore (Birmingham) and Company Ltd were located at 10 Camp Lane, Kings Norton, Birmingham 30
They made a small cheap to make adjustable that was made of only 4 parts, the folded sheet handle a two pressed out jaws and a worm.
They obtained a patent also in the name of Ivor Richard Harris who worked at the company.

My example is marked Prov Patt which dates it to the period Dec 1947 (application date) to March 1950 when the patent was granted.
Webmore adjustable spanner

Webmore adjustable spanner

August 4, 2010

ATC or ATL adjustable spanner

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This one is taking some discovering at the moment, it has the following stamped in the recess as far as I can tell.
AT C MARCH 26 1895 but it could be AT L MARCH 26 1895
ATC ATL adjustable wrench
ATC ATL adjustable wrench
ATC ATL adjustable wrench
Thanks to Stan I now have the design patent but it is from Design 29520 Oct 18 1898 by a Charles Metz, probably a case like another spanner I have where they were keen to manufacture but the paperwork takes too long so they just start manufacture with something such as an application date on the tool.

Mauser Adjustable Spanner (Engländer, verstellbarer Schraubenschlüssel)

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I got this on Ebay, very little wear but does have some damage to the worm which after a little investigation is a basic design fault, there is a turning moment that rotates the worm out of mesh when the force is applied, this can be demonstrated with just finger force on the moving jaw.

Mauser Adjustable spanner
Mauser adjustable spanner
Mauser adjustable spanner, close up of worm damage

I dont have a date yet for the spanner but I do have an English patent dated 1948 which does not mention Mauser at all but the patent is so similar to the tool that its a copy or… will someone tell me.
Patent 606388 Littleales and Levison

The Lovell Wrench Co

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They made an adjustable wrench that was supposed to be cheap and light it was patented by
Albert Kingman Lovell, May 12 1896 No 559901.

The example I have found differs in the way the worm is attached.
They failed to think too hard about where they stamped the name on the front and patent details on the back, both are on the upper jaw joggled bend.

Lovell adjustable wrench
Lovell adjustable wrench

July 20, 2010

Easterbrook, Allcard Co Ltd, Sheffield

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In 1843 a young Sheffield mechanic named John Easterbrook began working for himself. By 1852 he had entered into a partnership and traded as the firm of Easterbrook & Scatchard working as toolmakers and machinists in Suffolk Road. Two years later the firm was known as Easterbrook, Scatchard & Drury, and at its Albert Works in Suffolk Road was making ratchet braces, hammers, spanners, screw stocks, taps and dies, lathes and all kinds of tools made to order.

Around 1858 the name changed yet again to Easterbrook and Allcard with premises in both Leadmill Road as well as Suffolk Road. In the following years the business expanded its range of products significantly, not least into making railway tools in addition to existing markets.

The business became a limited company Easterbrook Allcard & Co Ltd in October 1897 with Harry Allcard, James Allcard’s son, becoming chairman.

By the time of James Allcard’s death the once small enterprise had become a substantial concern with fine offices, a number of turning shops, an erecting shop and a number of smithies. Contracts for the firm’s output had been obtained from such prominent clients as the British Admiralty, the War Office, the India Office, railways both at home and abroad, and even the German Navy was buying Easterbrook Allcard tools. And what tools. Made for engineers, boiler makers, smiths, ship builders and plate layers the range of tools now produced was truly
astonishing. The firm’s 26th catalogue published in 1900 lists around 200 different hand tools being
offered for sale in addition to the company’s machine tools.

They used the name PRESTO as a trademark and later the company became Presto International Limited

June 10, 2010


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Abingdon (King Dick)



Billings & Spencer Co, Hartford Conn.

Black & Decker

Coventry Movement Co

Crescent brand

Day & Son Kimbolton

Domino brand


Gray (Canada)

J Lucas

K.C. Goddard

King Dick (Abingdon)

MacDowell Equipment Co

Mossberg Wrench Co Attleboro, Mass

Saxon (West Germany)


Snail brand see Thomas Smith and Sons of Saltley Ltd, Saltley


Standard Wrench and Tool Co. Providence, RI

Tank brand

Tent brand

Thomas Smith and Sons of Saltley Ltd, Saltley, Birmingham (Snail Brand)

Thos R. Ellin (Footprint Works) Ltd, Footprint Works, Hollis Croft, Sheffield


Wraforge Tools Ltd, Halesowen

Wynn & Timmins

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