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September 29, 2010


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Found on EBAY a small wooden handled adjustable

Markings not fully readable but seem to be

the & above could well be something else like a logo

August 6, 2010

Webmore (Birmingham) and Company Ltd

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Webmore (Birmingham) and Company Ltd were located at 10 Camp Lane, Kings Norton, Birmingham 30
They made a small cheap to make adjustable that was made of only 4 parts, the folded sheet handle a two pressed out jaws and a worm.
They obtained a patent also in the name of Ivor Richard Harris who worked at the company.

My example is marked Prov Patt which dates it to the period Dec 1947 (application date) to March 1950 when the patent was granted.
Webmore adjustable spanner

Webmore adjustable spanner

July 5, 2010

Peugeot Double headed adjustable spanner or Clé à molette

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An early French adjustable from Peugeot Aines (Peugeot Seniors) Pont de Roide which probably dates this spanner to between 1846 and 1880’s see
Peugeot spannerPeugeot Spanner

June 23, 2010

Richard Timmins & Sons

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They were early makers of Adjustables and produced a catalogue that has been reprinted (I would like a copy one day)
Page from the catalogue
An example I have which is almost certainly one of theirs is pictured below

Page from the catalogue
Page from the catalogue
This view shows the line that is also on the woodcut in the catalogue
Page from the catalogue

June 13, 2010

Thomas Smith and Sons of Saltley Ltd

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Thomas Smith and Sons of Saltley of Saltley Mill, Birmingham, 8. Telephone: East 0173/4. Telegraphic Address: “Hammers, ‘Phone, Birmingham”. (1937)
1953 Advert
1953 Advert

* 1896/7 Directory: Listed under cycles.

* 1937 British Industries Fair Advert for Snail Brand Tools. Manufacturers of Drop forgings, in Carbon and alloy Steel, and Duralumin, for all purposes. Heat-treatment by modern plant. Spanners, Adjustable Wrenches, Hammers, and Hatchets of all descriptions. (Engineering/Metals/Quarry, Roads and Mining/Transport Section – Stand No. A.621)

For more information see Graces Guide

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